Mari, I have a dog and I really want him to participate in the photoshoot. Is that ok?

Pets are welcome to participate in the photoshoot, I'd say they are essential because they are part of the family. And yes, we can make a entire photoshoot in which your pet is the main character. Dog, cat, parrot, hamster, it doesn't matter which animal you have, all that matters is that they have fun and receive much affection during the photo session.

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I live in another city and would love to have you here photographing my family. Is that possible?

Yes! If there's something that I love doing is to travel for work and it'll be beautiful to photograph in your city, no matter if it is in Brazil or abroad. If you're going to travel in vacation or in honeymoon, we can also plan a photo session to keep the memory of yout trip. Let's talk to combine everything!

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Do you photograph in studio?

No. I always photograph in locations that have something to do with the people I'm shooting. I think it's coolest, creates a story, insert the people into a universe and bring more naturality to the pictures (which we hardly can get inside a studio).

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Do you photograph weddings?

Yes! But from 2016 on, I'll only photograph daytime weddings with up to 100 guests.

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I need someone to film my son's party. Do you work with videos too?

No. I don't film, I don't make retrospective montages, or anything that involves moving images. =)


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